Local Authorities

As part of its mission to achieve the goals of recycling and recovering packaging waste, CONAI pays special attention to any packaging waste found within urban rubbish which is managed exclusively by the Municipalities and their groups. In fact, urban packaging waste causes more problems than any special waste and is recycled and recovered taking into account its higher cost of collection.

The ANCI-CONAI Framework Agreement deserves a special mention among the tools and resources available.

Municipalities then have other tools available to support local communication and to launch appropriate waste management systems in any areas lagging behind.

There is then a focus on the general conditions promoting proper waste management locally, which takes shape in collaborations with the Regions and local municipal authorities.

Local Authorities

The Framework Agreement, the available instrument of Italian municipalities that ensures the start to recycling of packaging waste and the recognition of fees for higher costs incurred.

Other tools and opportunities available for the development of separate collection of packaging waste.