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26 October 2020

CONAI’s Environmental Contribution for steel, plastic and glass packaging has been restructured

At the request of the Ricrea, Corepla and Coreve consortia, CONAI has decided to increase the Environmental Contribution for steel, plastic and glass packaging, used to finance the collection and recovery of packaging waste, primarily from municipal waste collection.
31 January 2024

CONAI: the economic situation leads to an increase in EPR fees for aluminium, paper, and plastic packaging. Decrease, on the other hand, for bioplastic packaging

CONAI, following a series of cost increases related to the collection of packaging waste, amid general inflation, and the simultaneous reduction in revenues from the sale of post-consumption packaging reported by the CIAL, COMIECO and COREPLA Consortia, has assessed the scenario of the corresponding recycling chains - worsened beyond expectations - and seen a reduction in the capital reserves of the three Consortia.
11 November 2022

CONAI: deposit return system is a duplication of economic and environmental costs

CONAI: deposit return system may not be the most efficient way to reach future recycling targets in a 73,3% recycling rate country like Italy.
06 June 2022

A comparative study on the efficiency of European EPR systems presented in Brussels

A study by Bocconi and the Wuppertal Institut, promoted by CONAI and supported by Expra, presented in Brussels: "Screening the efficiency of packaging waste in Europe". Italy? Recycle more and at lower costs.
18 January 2022

Recycling and recovery forecasts for the period 2021-2022

CONAI published the “Specific Plan for the Prevention and Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste”.
15 October 2021

CONAI: further reductions of Environmental Contributions for paper and plastic in 2022

The CONAI Board of Directors has resolved a further reduction of the Environmental Contribution (or CAC) for paper and cardboard and almost all plastic packaging, starting from 2022.


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