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A guide for companies

CONAI promotes the environmental education campaign on the use of shopping bags "Save a bag.
Save the environment". The #ControGliSprechi campaign is dedicated to the different types of bags and the need not to waste them through proper reuse, reuse and recycling.

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06 June 2022

A comparative study on the efficiency of European EPR systems presented in Brussels

A study by Bocconi and the Wuppertal Institut, promoted by CONAI and supported by Expra, presented in Brussels: "Screening the efficiency of packaging waste in Europe". Italy? Recycle more and at lower costs.
18 January 2022

Recycling and recovery forecasts for the period 2021-2022

CONAI published the “Specific Plan for the Prevention and Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste”.
15 October 2021

CONAI: further reductions of Environmental Contributions for paper and plastic in 2022

The CONAI Board of Directors has resolved a further reduction of the Environmental Contribution (or CAC) for paper and cardboard and almost all plastic packaging, starting from 2022.
31 August 2021

CONAI reduces four more Environmental Contributions: those for steel, aluminium, plastic and glass

From 1 January 2022, the Contribution for steel will decrease to € 12/tonne, the one for aluminium to € 10/tonne and the one for glass to € 33/tonne. Plastic divided into five levels based on recyclability and the costs of collection, sorting and recycling costs: lower values for four, unchanged for one.
03 June 2021

CONAI Environmental Contribution for paper and cardboard packaging is reduced by over 50%

As from 1 July, it will be reduced from EUR 55 to 25/tonne, with a saving for paper and cardboard packaging users of over 135 million Euros. In 2022, on the other hand, contribution diversification will be extended to packaging in composite material, different from those for liquids.

Online declarations

CONAI Consortium members can use the “On-line Declarations” service to send the forms via a protected Internet connection. From the year 2014 this method has become mandatory for sending the Environmental Contribution declarations and reimbursement/exemption requests.

Online membership

The “Adhesion on line” service is active to send the application for membership to Conai through the portal impresainungiorno.gov.it. In addition, for CONAI Consortium members only, it is possible to proceed with the personal data changes (made after the membership) or with the withdrawal, using the same web portal. To access the portal, you must have a National Service Card (CNS) with active pin or SPID (Public Digital Identity System) credentials. Since 1 July 2020, this method has become mandatory for the sending of membership and personal data changes; for more information see Short_Guide_Adhesion_Online.