• Let's create together a better environment.

    Let's create together a better environment.

    The CONAI system is the reference institution that promotes, coordinates and ensures the recovery and recycling of materials from the collection of packaging.

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  • An excellence system in Italy and Europe.

    An excellence system in Italy and Europe.

    Conai is a consortium of companies, non-profit organization, which ensures the achievement of national targets, for recovery and recycling of packaging waste, provided by law.

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  • Sustainability through design.

    Sustainability through design.

    Conai is committed to encouraging the development of a culture of environmental sustainability from packaging design and supports the development of an industry that valorise the materials.

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  • Support for local authorities and citizens.

    Support for local authorities and citizens.

    Conai ensures, through the Framework Agreement ANCI-CONAI, the development of separate collection and initiate recycling of packaging waste, on the basis of the shared responsibility principle.

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  • Creating awareness: a priority.

    Creating awareness: a priority.

    CONAI is committed to the citizens, to sensitize and involve them to the recycling and valorization of packaging waste, and to local authorities for better communication in support of the waste collection systems.

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  • Lovecycle - The movie

    Lovecycle - The movie

    A short film that tells an endless story in a new way: that of waste recycling of steel packaging, aluminum, paper, wood, plastic and glass.It 's the exciting journey that the six players make for the discovery of their origins.

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  • A new project for primary schools

    A new project for primary schools

    CONAI has created, in collaboration with Corriere della Sera, a new project of education to environmental citizenship dedicated to the separate collection and recycling of packaging.

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A complete guide for companies.

Is your company already a member or do you still have to join CONAI? You’ll find useful information here on the consortium criteria.



Packaging eco-sustainability becomes innovation.

How to make prevention: projects and success stories.

Local Authorities

Local Authorities

CONAI together with ANCI and the local authorities.

The agreements and activities supporting separate waste collection and packaging recycling.



The CONAI dialogue with citizens, institutions and businesses.

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NEWS / 31 July 2020

CONAI elects new President

The Board of Directors of CONAI elected as President Luca Ruini for the three years term 2020-2022. Ruini is the Director of Security, Environment & Energy at the Barilla Group. The Vice-presidents of the Consortium are Angelo Tortorelli and Domenico Rinaldini.

NEWS / 14 April 2020

Note on "Green Dot" trademark of packaging

CONAI has published an update of the information note for the license to use the registered trademark Punto Verde / Green Dot / Grüne Punkt.

NEWS / 11 March 2020

CONAI: increases the Environmental Contribution for paper and glass packaging

After assessing the requests of the Comieco and Coreve supply chain consortia, the CONAI Board of Directors approved the increase in the Environmental Contribution for paper and glass packaging.

NEWS / 04 March 2020

CONAI contest for prevention and packaging sustainability: 2020 edition

This year CONAI promotes environmental sustainability with the “CONAI contest for prevention  and packaging sustainability: 2020 edition” aimed at rewarding the most innovative packaging solutions and ecofriendly placed on the market in 2018-2019 biennium.

NEWS / 20 January 2020

CONAI: the restructuring of the Environmental Contribution for paper, plastic and wood packaging

CONAI Board of Directors approved the restructuring of the Environmental Contribution for paper, plastic, and wood packaging, which will come into force on 1 January 2020.

NEWS / 30 July 2019

CONAI: recovered 80.6% of packaging waste in 2018

In Italy, in 2018, 80.6% of packaging waste was recovered: 10.691 million tons of the total 13.267 million rput on the market. Of these, the part started to recycle reaches 70%.


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Online declarations

CONAI Consortium members have activated the service "Online Declarations for sending forms via a secure Internet connection. As of 2014 this method of transmission became mandatory for submitting Environmental Contribution declarations and reimbursement/exemption requests.


Online membership application

Is available the "On-Line Subscription" service to send the application form to CONAI, through the website impresainungiorno.gov.it. Moreover, only for the CONAI members, you can proceed with the master data changes (occurring after joining) or with a withdrawal, using the same web portal. To access it, it is necessary to have a National Service Card (CNS) with an active pin or SPID (Public Digital Identity System) credentials.