Environmental labeling guidelines and e-label site available

21 January 2021
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Tag: label, labeling

CONAI provides the English version of the “Guidelines for environmental labeling of packaging” at the link: http://www.progettarericiclo.com/en/docs/environmental-labeling-packaging

The Guideline was born as a publication able to offer answers to interpretative doubts on the regulatory dictate regarding environmental labeling of packaging and for its correct application.

We also inform that the e-label site, which can be used independently by companies, is active at the link: http://e-tichetta.conai.org

The online tool was designed to build an environmental label compliant with existing regulatory references. Among these, the indication to the consumer of the composition of the packaging material, for the separate collection and of other useful environmental information (recyclability, compostability or the content of recycled material).