Local communication

CONAI places special attention on local communication campaigns, in particular those that accompany the introduction of new separated waste collection systems for packaging waste in the local area: economic resources are available for local communication campaigns to help municipalities facing criticalities in quantitative performance, or those which have initiated processes to improve the quality of separated waste collection services.

The guidelines for the recognition of the support provided in the Framework Agreement in favour of communication activities put in place by municipalities are:

  • the promotion of recycling of packaging waste to support startup of waste management systems or when changing methods for the same;
  • the adoption of efficient collection models that qualitatively make the most of the portions of waste being collected, developing initiatives for measuring the efficacy of the adopted systems;
  • the combining of collection methods and equipment with the situations in surrounding areas, adopting a line of communication that is as uniform as possible;
  • involvement of all the players in the product/waste cycle in order to start a virtuous cycle with rewards for correct separated waste collection.

It is the responsibility of Conai to provide necessary information to the municipalities to enable these to use the tools provided in support of local communications.