The role of environmental communication

At the heart of CONAI’s work is the role of raising awareness among citizens about creating a culture and environmental education that focus on the importance of separate waste collection, recycling and the recovery of packaging materials.

This role comes straight from the legislation laid down under Legislative Decree No 152/2006 (Title II, Article 224, paragraph g), which entrusts CONAI with the task of organising, in accordance with Public Administration, any information campaigns deemed necessary to achieve the goals of recycling and recovering packaging that have been assigned to the consortium system.

Citizens have a key role in the recycling process. They are essential players since without their help in correctly sorting out household waste, the entire material collection and recovery system would not be able to run smoothly.

In recent years, CONAI has run many campaigns and initiatives across Italy aimed at citizens, public bodies and businesses, as well as school education projects to promote a culture of recycling and respect for the environment.


The CONAI environmental education project for schools.

Events and awareness campaigns aimed at citizens, institutions, enterprises.

The first CONAI sustainability statement.