Plastic annex

The Technical Annex for Plastic packaging waste governs conventions for the transfer of relative packaging waste.

By signing the Convention, the Municipality, or its official delegate, agrees to transfer to Corepla packaging waste according to a platform contracted with Corepla, called the Selection Center (CSS).

The annex provides four different streams according to the agreement: single material collection, collection of single material type with special waste content over 20%, single material collection destined for liquid containers and multi-material collection. It should be noted that the convention for the multi-material collection flow refers to the possibility of transferring the collection to the plants affiliated with Corepla, which nevertheless takes only plastic packaging waste (other useable fractions remain available to the affiliate).

In contrast to the other annexes, the plastic annex does not included quality categories: the payment, which is different for the four flows in the convention as stated above, is acknowledged according to the contents of the plastic packaging based on quality analyses. In any case, there is a maximum limit of extraneous content fractions beyond which Corepla does not issue payment.

The Corepla annex excluded the possibility of transferring similar product categories, or plastic waste not derived from packaging, which is considered part of the extraneous content fractions.

The annex presents the procedures used to check the quality of the transferred materials.

As with all conventions set forth in the Framework Agreement, is possible to cancel the agreement by September 30th of each year, with validity from as of the next January 1st, and re-enter the convention according to the same time schedules.