Steel Annex

The Technical Annex for steel packaging waste governs conventions for the transfer of relative packaging waste.

By signing the convention, the Municipality, or its official delegate, commits to transferring to the Consortium Ricrea separated packaging waste according to an an agreed platform.

The Consortium chain therefore issues payments based on the quantity and quality of the transferred packaging waste. There are five quality grades, where as the extraneous content fraction increases, the payment decrease. In particular, beyond 20% extraneous content fraction there is no economic compensation. The annex presents the procedures used to check the quality of the transferred materials.

The annex also provides for the possibility to transfer steel packaging waste coming from different separated waste collection sources, by tapping into unsorted waste treatment plants and combustion ashes from combustion plants. These sources also include payments, less than those for separated waste collection materials.

The annex also covers the possibility of transferring similar product fractions, which however do not apply to payments due.

As with all conventions set forth in the Framework Agreement, is possible to cancel the agreement by September 30th of each year, with validity from as of the next January 1st, and re-enter the convention according to the same time schedules.