Anci Conai Database & Observatory

The ANCI CONAI Database and the Local Authority Observatory are specific instruments introduced by the framework agreement which have the purpose of collecting primary data relative to the management of urban waste in Italian municipalities, providing a database useful for further processing, the first of which is made available to the municipalities, with valuable information to monitor their standards of efficacy.

From an operative standpoint, all the subjects involved in the framework agreement, both consortium members and Consortium Chain partners, are required to periodically report pertinent data to the entity managing the database. Information about data transmission is available on the website

Therefore, thanks to the collected data together with other information and support from industry experts, an Observatory of Local Institutions handling Waste Separation was founded as a point of reference for Administrations and as an instrument of knowledge and support for the development of waste separation and improvement of the management of urban hygiene services.

The Observatory has the primary objective of providing data on separate waste collection and the quality of waste management services to municipalities more rapidly than current data collection methods, to allow more immediate control/actions on waste collection management systems. The specific sections of the Observatory can be accessed by following the instructions on the website