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  • “Informative notes/disclaimer”: these terms or conditions;
  • “Conai”: Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi (National Packaging Consortium);
  • “website” or “site”: homepage and web pages contained in this or other collection of information and/or applications managed by Conai and made available with access through devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, handheld computers, digital cameras, television sets or other network devices for physically or wirelessly connected networks;
  • “contents”: web pages, text documents, graphics, images and photographs, databases, software and any other audiovisual material of any kind whatsoever;
  • “services”: all those functions, devices, applications, information or other services available through this website;
  • “visitor/user”: any person who accesses the website with or without the permission of Conai or who uses it, regardless of being a registered user of this website;
  • “third parties”: natural or legal persons or any other entity other than Conai;
  • “consortium member companies”: all companies registered in the Conai system;
  • “framing”: insertion of the “linked” page in the “linking” site structure;
  • “deep link”: direct reference to a specific page of a site, without passing through the “homepage” of the site itself.


Anyone who accesses or uses in any way this website unreservedly accepts to be bound by the conditions specified here. If the user does not accept them or does not intend to be bound by them, the latter cannot access the site, consult the contents of the pages of the site or download or use material from this site.

CONAI reserves the right to update or change these conditions at any time without prior notice. In the case of changes to the conditions, access to the site implies the commitment to comply with the conditions as amended and displayed on the site itself.


All contents published or present on the site, including their selection and organisation as well as the layout and design of the site, are subject to current legislation on the protection of personal data, to the law on copyright (Law No. 633 of 22 April 1941, as amended by Legislative Decree no. 518 of 29 December 1992, on the legal protection of software) and other national and international legislation on the protection of intellectual and industrial property, as amended and supplemented.


This site belongs exclusively to Conai, which has obtained assignment of the internet domain name according to the methodologies and procedures in force at the time of the assignment request. It is also pointed out that:

  • management of the site is the responsibility of Conai, which is also the supplier of and responsible for the related contents;
  • the rights on the Contents belong to Conai. Some web pages on this site may also contain material subject to copyright of those who have made it available (e.g. partner companies).

Conai does not transfer any right on any content of the website downloaded and used by the user.


The contents of the site have been studied in compliance with Italian laws and European Union directives and are aimed at national and international users.

For an overall presentation of the content of the site, please refer to the “Site Map” section.

The chosen site model is that of public and private interaction: in some areas of the site, information has been entered (through writing, drawings, photographs) that Conai intends to transmit to the community of internet users, while other areas are for private consultation, i.e. only by persons with appropriate credentials.


Conai has chosen the Internet as a means of information, communication and aggregation with the public in order to highlight its activity and illustrate the initiatives related to achievement of the overall packaging waste recovery and recycling targets imposed by national legislation on the Consortium itself.

Specifically, in line with the institutional functions of Conai according to current legislation, the Consortium deems it necessary or appropriate for the achievement of the consortium’s purpose to ensure that the public is aware of the relevant discipline regarding recycling and packaging, ensuring full availability and usability to its members of legislation, forms and related instructions. It is also pointed out that:

Conai undertakes to disseminate current and accurate information as quickly as possible; for this reason, Conai:

  • adopts appropriate procedures to guarantee standards of accuracy, completeness, adequacy, updating and timeliness of the information contained on the site;
  • undertakes to eliminate any technical or typographical errors as quickly as possible;
  • reserves the right to make changes, corrections and improvements to the aforementioned information at any time and without notice;
  • Conai does not accept any liability whatsoever with regard to the use of its website and its content; in particular, Conai cannot be held responsible for any lack of accuracy, completeness, adequacy or timeliness of the information contained on the site, nor for any damage or viruses that may affect the IT tool or other means of the visitor as a consequence of access or impossibility of access, use or browsing of the site or downloading of information, documents, materials, data, texts, images, graphics, video or audio content of the site; Conai also reserves the right to interrupt or suspend the functionality of the site at any time without this involving any liability in its regard;
  • despite Conai’s efforts to enter accurate and up-to-date information on the site, there is no guarantee that a normative reference or legal text available online will accurately reproduce the updated official version;


“Conai” is a registered trademark exclusively owned by CONAI – Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi and, therefore, it is forbidden to publish it, copy it or modify it without the prior authorisation of CONAI itself. This without prejudice to the possibility of CONAI to take legal action to protect its rights and to adopt, without any prior notice, any corrective action against violations of the conditions of use of its trademark.

CONAI cannot be held responsible for the contents of the documents on which its trademark is affixed and, therefore, does not provide guarantees on the updating, correctness, completeness, quality or legality of the information contained therein.

The regulation and the conditions of use are provided in the appropriate section of the site dedicated to this.

Other product or company names used on this website may be trademarks of their respective owners.

The Trademark, the exclusive property of CONAI, has been duly filed with the Italian Patent Office


1. Permitted conduct

Access as a registered user or as an unregistered visitor to this website and to its Contents is permitted only for the purposes permitted by Conai and highlighted on this website.

Downloading, display, reproduction or printing of information from this site are allowed exclusively for personal use, to facilitate the execution of legal obligations or for dissemination purposes (in the latter case provided that at the time of display or otherwise of use of information by the user the source is quoted), with the exclusion of any commercial purpose.

Copies and/or printing of the materials contained on the Conai website are allowed for personal and non-commercial use only.

Their reproduction (paper or also electronic), for editorial purposes, is allowed subject to express and specific written authorisation by Conai to the user and provided that at the time of display or otherwise use of the content by the user the wording “use under concession of CONAI” is included.

2. Prohibited conduct

Any use for commercial intent or utility or economic exploitation is always prohibited.

The following are in any case also prohibited:

  • modification of the site or any of its contents or access procedures;
  • conduct that constitutes a crime in accordance with current legislation (e.g. cybercrime, such as violation of the digital domicile);
  • conduct with the aim of splitting parts or sections of this site and/or incorporating them in other third party sites, modifying, copying, reproducing, republishing, uploading from a program, making public, transmitting or distributing in any way the Content, in whole or in part, including codes and software without the prior consent of Conai or in violation of these conditions;
  • attempted access without credentials to the reserved areas of the website;
  • uploading of computer programs, files and other materials containing destructive or disturbing features such as viruses, manipulated files, “hidden” files (such as images in which audio files are embedded), worms, trojan horses or bots for the purpose of scrolling or launching multiple screens and for other activities in general that can disturb the integrity or functionality or online communication of the website;
  • in general, use that causes or may cause damage, interruption or limitation of this website or its services;
  • unauthorised collection of personal information on third parties (e.g. e-mail addresses) through this site.

On this later point, Conai draws the visitor’s attention to the following rules:

  • e-mail addresses derived from “public areas” of the Internet (for example, discussion groups) cannot be used for marketing activities, unless the interested parties have been informed;
  • personal data from forum and newsgroup initiatives cannot be freely used; the de facto knowledge of the addresses that is realised in such cases cannot be separated from the purpose for which it takes place. Therefore, collecting the data that individual users “leave” in a newsgroup, forum, etc. only for the purposes of specific discussion on certain topics, hobbies, etc. and using it for other purposes that have nothing to do – even indirectly – with the topic for which the user participates in a more or less “public” discussion and indicates his/her address and personal details is contrary to the principles of processing correctness and purpose;
  • the e-mail addresses published on this website cannot be freely used. The advertising of certain addresses made known through this site must, in fact, be linked to the purposes for which this occurs, not being able to assert, also in such cases, that the data made available to the public for limited purposes is freely usable for the general transmission of e-mails, even if these do not have a commercial or advertising content. The mere fact of finding an e-mail address in a public Internet space does not entail free use of such e-mail address;
  • it is forbidden to send messages that are defamatory, obscene, slanderous or otherwise contrary to any applicable legislation to the e-mail addresses made available through the site (e.g. e-mail addresses of Conai experts in the “Contact us” section or similar).

3. Prohibited conduct – Consequences

Without prejudice to any rights, faculties or powers of third parties, Conai reserves the right to take legal action to protect its rights.

Should any violation of the conditions of use of the site be found, Conai reserves the right to take any type of corrective action, without notice, including exclusion of the visitor/user from access to the site and its services and removal of any material posted on the site by said visitor/user, without accepting any direct or indirect liability in this regard.

Conai undertakes to collaborate with the competent authorities, also for the purpose of prompt identification of the perpetrators.


The Conai site may contain links to other third party sites. By linking to these sites, the user voluntarily leaves the Conai site and is directed to web pages of sites on the internet other than this Conai site. These links do not in any way imply a recommendation of the companies or products of the linked websites.

Conai points out that it does not verify third party sites; it has no influence on the layout and content of linked pages; it is therefore not in a position to provide guarantees on the updating, correctness, completeness or quality of the information they contain or on compliance with copyright, legality or decency of the materials and information contained in the resources or on the websites of third parties. Conai cannot be held liable for the contents of linked sites or for any direct or indirect damages or losses generated or allegedly generated by the use of any content, product, support or service made available on or through resources or websites of third parties.

Users who decide to access any websites linked via this site assume all the risks related to such decision.

Without prejudice to agreements with the third parties involved, Conai reserves the right to delete any link or link program at any time.

Conai undertakes to request prior authorisation for linking to any third-party website.

Links from other sites are allowed as long as it is specified that this is a link to the web address and written notice is given to Conai.

Conai reserves the right to request the removal of any link to its site if it believes that this may be detrimental to its reputation or, more generally, its interests.

Use of the Conai Trademark next to the link for the website is permitted as long as this has been expressly authorised by Conai with a specific license agreement and the simultaneous assignment of the license number, subject to receipt of a specific application formulated pursuant to and in the forms provided for by the General Regulations for use of the Conai Trademark. The Licensee may use only the logo provided by Conai next to the link, consisting of the word CONAI, combined with an oblique square figure containing two arrows rotating clockwise forming the letter C, flanked vertically on the left by the indication of the registration number of the license agreement. So-called “deep linking” is strictly forbidden: all links to this website must lead to the website’s homepage, must clarify that this website and its contents must be considered separately from the site that contains the link and must highlight that the owner and operator of this website is Conai, without any sharing of the content of the website that activates the link. Recourse to the “framing” technique is also forbidden.


Please refer to the specific document on this site, which can be viewed by clicking here

(on the letterhead of the applicant)



Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi

FAO Legal and General Affairs Dept.

Via P. Litta, 5

20122 MILAN

I, the undersigned _________________________ as the legal representative of the applicant company _________________________with registered office in__________________________ province of _________, registered in the Register of Companies of ___________________under no. _________tax code/VAT no._______________________telephone_______________ fax_____________contact name______________________________________________


to be authorised to include contents taken from the Conai website ( on our website and to reproduce them (in paper and/or electronic form) for editorial purposes.

To this end, I declare:

  • that I accept all the rules indicated in the Informative Notes – Disclaimer of the Conai website, under the heading “Rules of use of materials published on the site and of reproduction by third parties”;
  • that the site on which I request to include the contents taken from the corporate site of

Conai is at the following address: ___________________________________________;

  • that the contents that I request to include on our website are_______________________________________________________________;
  • that the inclusion on our corporate website of the contents taken from the Conai corporate website has the purpose of ______________________________________;
  • that, upon receipt of authorisation from Conai, at the time of display or otherwise use of the contents taken from Conai’s corporate website, the wording “use under concession of Conai” will be included;
  • not to have been convicted of environmental crimes/to have been convicted of environmental crimes;
  • that there are no pending legal proceedings against us for environmental crimes.

In witness whereof

Place and date


(Signature of the legal representative)