According to the final data for 2021 published in the General Program for the prevention and management of packaging and packaging waste, in 2021 in Italy 73,3% of packaging waste was sent for recycling:  more than 10 million tons out of the 14 million put on the market. An increase of 9.3% compared to the quantities of 2020. The growth is driven also by an increase of 1.2% in the recycling of waste from urban collection, which grew despite the difficulties due to the pandemic situation.

Added to energy recovery, the numbers increase: the tons of packaging waste recovered are close to 11,9 million, almost 83% of the amount put on the market. More than four out of five packages avoid ending up in landfills.

Finally, the management of packaging waste under the ANCI-CONAI agreement is growing: in Italy there are over 58 million inhabitants served thanks to the agreement with ANCI for the collection of packaging waste. Last year, more than 98% of Italian municipalities entered into agreements with the consortium system. To cover the costs of separate waste collection, in 2021 CONAI transferred 727 million euros to the municipalities of our country.

Download the document with the 2021 waste packaging recycling results: PGP_CONAI_2022_ABSTRACT_EN

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