CONAI is a member of EXPRA, the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance.

Established in 2013, it is the reference organisation at European level representing the non-profit organisations for the management of packaging and packaging waste, set up by obliged companies, based on the principle of “extended producer responsibility“.

Today Expra is made up of 32 organizations from 30 international countries, where Producer Responsibility is the economic tool to ensure the collection, recycling and recovery of packaging.

The Alliance for Extended Producer Responsibility (EXPRA) carries out the role of point of contact between political, social, technical and economical institutions at EU and international level, representing the plurality of interests of the parties involved in the recovery and recycling of packaging.

Expra’s main objectives are the promotion of extended producer responsibility for packaging waste within the EU, the promotion of a business-driven system that can be sustainable and efficient, and the exchange of best practices.

According to the latest estimates in 2019 in Europe, 79.2% of the total packaging placed on the market was recovered and more than 65.3% was recycled (released for consumption of 79.6 million tons). Italy is absolutely aligned with European performances, demonstrating that it is possible to start a virtuous cycle that goes “from cradle to cradle”.

Accepting the challenge and the burdens of extended responsibility, the packaging industry has managed to turn them into a stimulus to innovation and efficiency, with obvious benefits for the environment.

See downhere the EPR Congress 2022 documents “Efficiency through diversity: EPR best practices across EU