What is CONAI

CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium, is a private non-profit consortium. It is a system forming the response from private companies to a problem of collective interest, i.e. the environment, in accordance with the guidelines and objectives set by the political system. More than 750,000 companies which produce or use packaging have joined the Consortium System.

Founded on the basis of the Ronchi Decree of 1997, the Consortium marked the transition from a management system based on landfills to an integrated system based on the prevention, recovery and recycling of six packaging materials: steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass.

CONAI collaborates with Municipalities according to specific agreements governed by the ANCI-CONAI National Framework Agreement and serves as a guarantee to citizens that any materials from separate waste collections are fully used through proper recovery and recycling processes.
Any companies that join the Consortium pay a compulsory Contribution which serves as a form of financing allowing CONAI to support separate waste collection and packaging waste recycling.

CONAI directs the activities and guarantees the recovery results of 6 Consortia: steel (Ricrea), aluminium (Cial), paper/cardboard (Comieco), wood (Rilegno), plastic (Corepla), bioplastic (Biorepack) and glass (Coreve), ensuring the necessary link between these Consortiums and Public Administration.

CONAI General Prevention and Management Programme for packaging and packaging waste – 2020 summary report

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