Paper Annex

TheTechnical Annex for paper packaging waste governs conventions for the transfer of relative packaging waste. By signing the Convention, the Municipality, or its official delegate, commits to transfer to Comieco collected separated packaging waste according to an an agreed platform. There are various packaging methods, depending on the collection systems active in the local area. The annex distinguishes the collections destined exclusively for packaging waste, defined as selective collections, generally only coming from commercial businesses, and the collections destined for all paper and cardboard waste, packaging and graphic paper products, defined as combined collections, coming from domestic sources. Comiecco therefore welcomes random collection of packaging waste and other paper waste, issuing payment for only a portion of the packaging waste, generally estimated at 32% of the total combined collection. The annex also establishes a payment for similar product fractions, guaranteed not by Comieco but by the referenced recipient of the material. In regards to packaging waste, the amount decreases according to the decrease in the quality of collections. In particular, beyond 10% extraneous content fraction there is no economic compensation. The annex presents the procedures used to varify the quality of the transferred materials. As with all conventions set forth in the Framework Agreement, is possible to cancel the agreement by September 30th of each year, with validity from as of the next January 1st, and re-enter the convention according to the same time schedules.