WC Net Candeggina Gel

Bolton Manitoba S.p.A.  / WC Net Candeggina Gel / 2013
Domestic detergent
The Bolton Manitoba company redesigned the packaging used for the product WC net Candeggina Gel. The intervention made it possible to reduce the weight of the HDPE bottle by 12%, the polypropylene cap by 31% and the PET label by 10%. Logistics were optimised thanks to a reduction in the size of the corrugated cardboard box, which holds the same number of units and saves 23% of raw materials used to make it. The transported products on the pallet were increased by 17%. The company is certified in accordance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001.

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Ottimizzazione della logistica


The reduction in bulk of all of the packaging components is the primary factor in the reduction of analysed environmental impacts. Optimisation of logistics also contributes to the overall benefit.
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