How to enact prevention

Cooperation between Companies, citizens and Authorities is very important for implementation of a specific prevention program

CONAI, with special initiatives and projects, supports members offering know-how and different incentives for the application of particular prevention plans.

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Follow the CONAI’s eco-design drivers:


Design for reuse
action or practice for re-using packaging for its original purpose

Risparmio di materia prima

Saving raw materials
action or practice for making packaging more efficient on necessary amount of raw material for its production keeping same performance

Ottimizzazione logistica

Logistics optimization
action or practice to improve transport operation (loading and unloading), storage and the ratios between the different kind of packaging for shipping goods

Facilitazione attività riciclo

Design for recycling
action or practice to improve recycling of packaging. It’s one of the most important prevention actions; the analysis and deepen recycle factor in the design phase is the example of life cycle approach


Utilizzo di materiale riciclato

Use of secondary raw materials
action or practice to replace virgin raw material with secondary raw material – in whole or in part – in order to reduce use of natural resources


Semplificazione sistema imballo

Packaging optimization
action or practice to simplify single packaging component as remove elements or maximize ratio for it

Ottimizzazione processi

Processes optimization
action or practice for innovative industrial production process in order to reduce waste production, energy consumption and generally production input.