What is prevention

Prevention is a set of policies, programs and best practices, taken before a substance, material or product has become waste. In reference to packaging solutions, one of the most important challenge is to minimize environmental impacts with a life cycle approach.  All the activities carried out by CONAI, in accordance with current legislation, aim to promote specific measures of prevention, first of all for members. Moreover, every year, CONAI draw up a “Programma generale di prevenzione” sent to the Italian Authorities by the end of June. In this document CONAI describes measures and results of prevention activities and recycling, defining a 5-year implementing program.

CONAI promotes prevention through two different kind of measures:

  • Structural initiatives: economic incentives and fees modulation in order to consider reuse and recyclability of different packaging solutions;
  • Awareness initiatives: like “Pensare Futuro” project to promote and support business strategies with the aim to improve sustainable packaging solution, starting from eco design.

The CONAI’s purpose aims to raise awareness on prevention topic for all the supply chain, from producer to consumer, to realize the transaction toward both circular economy criteria and sustainable development goals.