Design for recycling

“Progettare riciclo” is a new open site for specific topics of Design for Recycling. The site makes available some guidelines for specific packaging that are developed by team composed of: CONAI, Material Consortia, Universities and Factories.

Actually the platform have two available guidelines:

  • Guidelines to facilitate the recycling of aluminium packaging, in order to analyse sorting and recycling phases of the aluminium packaging with the aim of identifying which elements of the process must be considered in the designing phase, in order to optimize recycling and reduce the related environmental impacts . The guidelines are enriched with designing indications and considerations on characteristics and recyclability for specific types of packaging.
  • Guidelines to facilitate the recycling of plastic packaging  in order to analyse each phase of sorting and recycling of plastic packaging, with the aim of highlighting issues and peculiarities of processes to give effective design indications. Guidelines are accompanied by two checklists, useful to designers willing to make more recycling.
  • Guidelines for facilitating the recycling of packaging made predominantly from paper packaging : the publication contains a description of the recycling process for packaging made predominantly from paper, aimed at helping to define guidelines for designing paper and board packaging for recycling purposes.

The guidelines represent an important tool for circular economy and sustainable development goals.

Guidelines to facilitate the recycling of plastic packaging” arise from the cooperation with the Design research group from Iuav University of Venice and the support of techical experts from Corepla.
Guidelines facilitates the recycling of aluminium packaging, it  is a collaboration with the research group of Politecnico di Torino and techical experts of CiAl.
“Design for recycling guidelines for paper packaging” have been realized thanks to the collaboration between the research team from the Chemistry, Material and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta” of Politecnico di Milano, and the experts from Comieco. Collaboration with the whole chain has been crucial, from the paper factories to the companies that contributed to the document with their specific know-how and witnesses.

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