Wood chain, packaging producers only choose certified wood

18 November 2016
Categoria:  News e-Gazette

In Italy producers of wood packaging choose to use certified wood (preferred in over 40% of cases), which guarantees responsible forest management. In addition, in 61% of cases, wood is bought close to packaging production plants to reduce gas emissions caused by its transportation. This data was presented in the recently published volume “The Wood Packaging Chain – Sustainability and Environmental Virtuosity” published by Irene Ivoi with assistance from the Consorzio Rilegno, whose results are based on an investigation conducted in 2013 on Rilegno associates to survey their environmental commitments. According to the Rilegno website, producers choose renewable sources of energy (in 31% of cases) and reduce margins (in 40% of cases) by paying greater attention to purchases and the cutting phase, demonstrating a preference for quality wood. Prevention actions include reducing the weight of the packaging through the drying of the wood and cutting it thinly, which has no effect on the capacity or the safety of the packaging. Reuse and regeneration are therefore the two most relevant prevention actions for the wood packaging chain.