Track! Coming soon – the Junior Recar Race for “cars” made using scrap material

18 November 2016
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Tag: Rilegno, wood

Learning is a synonym for fun at the Junior Re Car Race, an initiative which Rilegno is a principal partner, and one designed to spread the word about the issues of recycling, the creative use of waste materials and road safety education. All lower secondary school children in Roma and Lazio, were asked to construct a ‘human-powered’ automobile using scrap materials, with which to participate in an Eco-Grand Prix. The initiative, which takes place in three stages and involves between 7 and 15 lower secondary schools, will end in April. While the first phase involves school events to design and build the structure and the body of the Re Car, the second consists of performing a simulated route on roads. The scores obtained will determine position on the starting grid of the Eco Grand Prix, the final stage of the competition, where the Recycled Car constructed by the students will challenge each other just like on a real Formula 1 track.