The Marche Region approves the urban waste plan. Separated waste for recycling target of over 72%

18 November 2016

Decrease the per capita production of waste by 10.3%; increase the collection of separate waste to 72.3%; increase landfill depletion, without creating new ones and without building incinerators. These are the objectives stated by the Management Plan for urban and special waste, approved by the Marche Legislative Assembly and prepared by the Marche Regional Council. The Plan outlines the guidelines and strategies for sustainable waste management up to 2020, in accordance with European Community and national guidelines. The choice is to contain production, increase recycling through extended door to door service (each area must achieve a share of at least a 70% recycled waste), dispose of unsorted waste, while depending less on landfills. The percentage decreases and increases refer to the average figure of 2012. The Plan sets out a specific programme of stewardship to achieve the objectives, and confirms the exclusion of technical solutions based on construction of thermal treatment facilities. The territorial areas, compared to the previous programme can, however, plan for processes to treat the remaining unsorted waste, turning it into solid fuel which can then be put on the market. Finally, the document confirms the institutional order based on the current five area Assemblies corresponding to the provincial territories, even if it aims to promote voluntary agreements between areas to overcome fragmentation of the sector and encourage a rationalisation of the management.