Environmental Contribution for aluminum packaging

Milan, 6 December 2017 – The CONAI Board of Directors, with the opinion of the CIAL Aluminum Packaging Consortium, has decided to reduce the Environmental Contribution for aluminum packaging: from the current 45.00 Euro/ton to 35.00 Euro/ton. The reduction will be operational starting from 1 June 2018.

This is a sign of the commitment of the consortium system to optimize resources and to contain costs for the Consortium companies – producers and users of packaging – guaranteeing thetake back of the urban packaging waste  and the recognition to the Municipalities of the fees provided by the current ANCI-CONAI Framework Agreement.

The change in the Environmental Contribution for aluminum packaging will not affect the simplified and flat-rate procedures.

The CONAI-Consorzi di Filiera system and independent recyclers contributed to guarantee the recycling of 67.1% of packaging waste in 2016, for a total of 8.4 million tonnes (+ 2.8% on 2015) . A result largely above current European targets.

For any further information , is available for Italy the toll-free number CONAI 800-337799.