Riciclaestate 2014 with Legambiente and CONAI, an act of love for our tourist destinations

18 November 2016

Record number of inscriptions to the summer campaign organised by Legambiente and CONAI for the recycling of plastic, paper and cardboard, steel, wood, aluminium and glass. Over 25 destinations in the Province of Naples have signed up with points at beach resorts and port authorities, beach animation. A three month campaign, from June to September, 60 tourist destinations participating in Campania, 25 in the Province of Naples, thanks to the collaboration with the Port Authorities, for a total involvement of over 500 beach resorts and a million residents and tourists. Show that you love your tourist destinations with Legambiente and Conai. The 9th edition of Riciclaestate 2014 organised by Legambiente with support and contribution from CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium, is kicking off. Separate collection is coming on holiday with you. The slogan has been used since the first edition of Legambiente for the “Riciclaestate” campaign, run by Legambiente and CONAI, providing two separate bins for paper and multimaterial waste The three month campaign involves a fun touring recycling workshop, providing information on the beaches of the participating destinations with the aim of increasing the percentage of separate collection, improving its quality and making collection and recycling in Municipalities more efficient. The waste collected at the end of the campaign will be transformed into other products. With citizens’ help and support from CONAI, at the end of the campaign what was once just waste will be recycled and transformed into a precious resource. Just think: 800 cans can be made into a city bike, 20 plastic bottles can make a fleece blanket and 13 tins can make a pot. Once again this year Riciclaestate is going social and using social networks. The app for android and iphone can be downloaded from the Legambiente Campania website. Once installed, all participating municipalities will be able to collect information about separate waste collection, from the calendar to the type of waste to be recycled and the location of collection points through to the opportunity to identify inefficiencies and shortages. As well as all the summer events organised in beach resorts. “We want to offer the many tourists choosing our region a sustainable holiday, starting with correct waste management,” say Michele Buonomo and Antonio Gallozzi, President and Director of Legambiente Campania respectively, “and with the Riciclaestate campaign, which involves an increasing number of administrations and is gaining the consensus of citizens and holidaymakers year on year, we are concretely consolidating a way to increase both the quantity and quality of waste through the promotion of separate waste collection. Reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering waste plays a crucial role in improving the quality and the image of the region with regards to its natural beauty, incentivises sustainable tourism and drives economic development.” With the help of CONAI and the chain Consortiums, the campaign will provide municipalities and beach resorts with special bins for waste disposal. “As CONAI,” added Fabio Costarella, head of Projects in Special Regions for CONAI, “we see contributing towards running this initiative to be a very positive and efficient act, given the extraordinary effort the Consortium dedicates to areas in the South which are falling behind the objectives laid down by law. It is therefore important to involve tourists, and citizens in general, in the correct separation of waste in holiday locations, reminding them that their help is a useful and valuable action: separate waste collection saves raw material, reduces the need to resort to landfill and improves recycling results for packaging materials.” Riciclaestate is organised by Legambiente with support from CONAI, the Consorzio per il Recupero degli imballaggi and the Assessorato all’Ambiente Regione Campania, Province of Naples. The APP was created by Microambiente Srl, Corepla, Comieco, Cial, Coreve, Rilegno, Ricrea and sponsored by the Province of Salerno and Caserta. In collaboration with the Ministero Infrastrutture Trasporti Direzione Marittima of Campania, Centrale del Latte of Salerno, Parco Nazionale del Cilento , Vallo di Diano and Sabox.