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18 December 2017

The CONAI Board of Directors, with the opinion of the CIAL, decided to reduce the Environmental Contribution for aluminum packaging: from the current 45.00 Euro/ton to 35.00 Euro/ton. The reduction will be operational by 1st of June.

02 November 2017

The Ecomondo Fair will be from 6 to 10 November in Rimini, and 7 and 8 November, the General Green Economy 2017 that this year will be dedicated to "Green Economy: a challenge for the new legislature".

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31 July 2017

The purpose is to encourage the use of more recyclable packaging, linking the Contribution level to the environmental impact of the end-of-life/new-life phases, starting from plastic packaging.

09 June 2017

The Board of Directors of CONAI (National Packaging Consortium) appointed Giorgio Quagliuolo President for the three-year, for the period 2017-2019.

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23 May 2017

During the Public Assembly for the 20 years of CONAI presented the 2nd edition of the Sustainability Report, which showed with numerical evidence the central role of the Consortium in the Italian circular economy.

23 May 2017

With the recycling of packaging waste, the opening of 130 landfills was avoided and the emission of over 40 million tonnes of CO2.

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23 May 2017

The CONAI meeting, on May 17, 2017, approved the Report on Operations and the CONAI Financial Statements for the year 2016 and appointed the new Board of Directors and the new Board of Statutory Auditors.

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11 May 2017

The new communication campaign begins today, on the occasion of the twenty years of the Consortium.

04 May 2017

The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA), the umbrella organization for packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling systems, at its General Assembly on 27 April, has re-elected its Board of Directors for the 2017-2019 mandate.

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26 April 2017

On Friday, April 28, at 11.30 am at the City Hall, CONAI will present the novelties of the new door-to-door waste collection service, beginning in these days in Bari.

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