ISRI publishes new specifications on recycled plastic films

18 November 2016
Categoria:  International review
Tag: films

The trade association, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, (Isri) published new specifications on plastic films in a recent circular, which coincided with the plastics recycling conference held recently in Dallas. The new specifications relate to premium film, qualities A +, A, B, C, recovered film, film for the food industry, plastic film for greenhouses and agricultural film for covering of cropland. The new specifications were designed to give the plastic films market better definitions and greater clarity, said Robin Wiener, President of Isri. The recycled plastic films market is evolving and the members of the association have recognised the need to adapt the specifications to the new requirements. The Isri circular, listing the specifications for reclaimed materials, provides guidelines for a range of recycled materials and contains internationally accepted standards designed to assist the operators on the market in the trade of materials and products.