Food packaging. European poll: corrugated cardboard preferred for food

18 November 2016
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On a global level, consumers who buy foodstuffs, especially when it comes to fresh produce, prefer packaging in corrugated cardboard. This was confirmed in a survey conducted in early 2015, by YouGov, a UK company that performs internet market research. The survey was carried out in seven European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain) to explore the level of approval for food packaging and to see what influence it can have on purchasing decisions. The survey involved 7,068 consumers, 4,857 of whom declared a preference for the material used to package food products. Of these, 68% said they prefer packaging made of corrugated cardboard, while only 32% prefer plastic. “This survey is further evidence of how corrugated packaging is the packaging that best reflects consumer needs,” said Claudio Dall’Agata, Director of Bestack, the Italian Consortium of manufacturers of corrugated packaging for fresh produce Functional packaging, which is sustainable and customisable for the packing and display of all foodstuffs, particularly fruit and vegetables. Hygienic, safe, natural and 100% recyclable, able to make the product more attractive thanks to the positive values that it conveys.