Earth Day, April 21 to 25 in Rome

19 April 2017
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Earth Day, April 21 to 25 in Rome

Earth Day Italy is the Italian part of Earth Day Network in Washington, the international NGO that promotes World Day of United Nations Earth.

Born in 1970, Earth Day each year involving more than one billion people through the work of 22 thousand partners in more than 190 countries around the world, taking shape as well as awareness event to the protection of the most impactful Planet in the world.

This year’s Earth Day celebrations will be on April 22.

However, in Italy, in Rome, they will last no less than 5 days from 21 to 25 April, and will be held in the spaces of Galoppatoio of Villa Borghese and the Pincio.

Many appointments scheduled in the capital.

As usual, it will be set up on Earth Village (, five days of sports, concerts, exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences, performances, workshops, children’s activities and food, where even CONAI will be present.

A square green rich events where people, ideas and experiences meet to walk together on the path of sustainability.