Contribution diversification for plastic packaging

Test phase for application of diversified Environmental Contribution gets underway 

Timing defined for entry into operation of Contribution diversification for plastic packaging.

The Environmental Contribution for plastic packaging will no longer be unique but diversified based on three Guiding Criteria: sortability, recyclability and, in the case of packaging that meets these two criteria, the main target circuit once it has become waste. In this way, sortable and recyclable packaging from the “Municipal” circuit will benefit from a reduced Environmental Contribution, while sortable and recyclable packaging from the “Commerce & Industry” circuit will benefit from an even lower reduced Environmental Contribution; all other packaging will continue to pay the full Environmental Contribution.

In this important transitional phase, the following documents are already available on the dedicated page Contribution Diversification:
• the Explanatory Manual that summarises the procedure followed to launch Contribution diversification;
• the Technical Guide, illustrating the innovations concerning the application, the declaration of and exemption from the CONAI Environmental Contribution.
Moreover, Consortium members can contact the Toll-free Number 800337799 (only for Italy) and/or address specific technical and operational queries or requests for clarification, by filling in the online form in the “Contact us” section of the CONAI website, selecting “Diversified Contribution”.

CONAI, accommodating the requests of Associations and Companies, has defined the effective date of Contribution diversification as 1 January 2018, so as to coincide with the calendar year.
By the summer, the values of the three Contribution levels will be formalised, which will also be based on the results of a specific study conducted on the different levels of environmental impact of end-of-life/new-life management of plastic packaging waste.
CONAI, in addition to notifying the lists of packaging subject to reduced Environmental Contribution, has also introduced a sample list of the main packaging not subject to such reduction. The lists will be periodically updated by the Permanent Technical Assessment Committee based on the reports of Associations and Companies.

It is recommended to check the updated packaging lists available on the dedicated page of the CONAI website at the link: Lists of plastic packaging in the three Contribution levels.
“To adequately reward” commented Roberto De Santis, President of CONAI, “the research and commitment to packaging more oriented towards the circular economy, we decided a year ago to start with Contribution diversification of plastic packaging; after a complex task involving the entire chain from production to recycling, we are now entering the operational phase. The goal is to implement prevention, i.e. make it increasingly worthwhile to produce and use more sustainable and easily recyclable packaging”.

For more information go to the page: Contribution Diversification.