CONAI: increases the Environmental Contribution for paper and glass packaging

Milan, March 2020 – After assessing the requests of the Comieco and Coreve supply chain consortia, the CONAI Board of Directors approved the increase in the Environmental Contribution for paper and glass packaging.

The decision was made in order to continue to ensure an economic balance that guarantees the resources necessary to achieve the objectives of recovering and recycling packaging waste throughout Italy.

The contribution for paper packaging will increase from 35 EUR/ton to 55 EUR/ton, starting from 1 June 2020. The additional Contribution (20 EUR/ton) for polylaminated packaging with a prevalence of carton suitable for containing liquids will remain unchanged, for which the Environmental Contribution will become 75 EUR/ton.

The remodulation of the contribution is mainly due to two factors: the 20% increase in forecast quantities in 2020 of packaging resulting from separate municipal waste collection entrusted to Comieco, with consequent repercussions on collection and processing costs, and the sharp decrease in the economic value of the pulp, in some cases even reduced to zero.

The Environmental Contribution for glass packaging will increase from 27 EUR/ton to 31 EUR/ton, starting from 1 July 2020.

The increase is due to the higher quantities of material coming from separate collection, especially from southern areas, with the inevitable economic consequences mainly due to the transport and processing costs for sending the material for recycling to plants, mainly located in the north of the country.

These increases will also have an impact on the flat-rate/simplified procedures, the values of which will be communicated by the end of March.

For 2020, in Italy, the system represented by CONAI and the supply chain Consortia expects to recover 83% of waste from packaging put on the market. Of this, the part sent for recycling should exceed 71%.

For questions or clarifications, please contact the CONAI toll-free number 800337799.