CiAI, the city of Arezzo also adopts the “Keep the change” project

18 November 2016
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The formal agreement has been signed between the CiAl, the aluminium recycling Consortium, and the Municipality of Arezzo, the Confcommercio and the company Sei Toscana, which manages the collection of separate waste for recycling in the region. CiAl will provide one hundred thousand aluminium trays, all supplied with special lid customised with the logos of campaign partners, to businesses involved in the catering sector to be used meals takeaway meals ordered by their customers. Confcommercio will identify the businesses participating in the initiative and see to the distribution of the trays and monitoring adherence in each of the businesses. Gino Schiona, Director General of CiAl, recalls that “Keep the change” is an initiative that the Consortium started in 2014, in Monza, and this year is re-presented in Arezzo, for the purpose of linking two important environmental messages: the saving resources and the recycling of materials, and the fight against food waste. Two messages that aluminium packaging, in particular the tray distributed to participating restaurants, matches together perfectly. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinite times, so many that the tray after multiple uses, if properly separated for recycling in domestic waste, it can be reborn and be transformed into many everyday objects, like a classic Mocha maker or bicycle “.