“Ambarabà ricicloclò”, words and rhymes for little ones to encourage the recycling of steel

18 November 2016
Categoria:  News e-Gazette

Composing playful rhymes inspired by the recycling of steel cans, tins, caps, pots and spray cans: everyday objects which are given a new life when they are collected and recycled, like the words in a nursery rhyme. This is the challenge posed to children and their teachers by the national project Ambarabà Ricicloclò, promoted by Ricrea and designed and developed by Andersen magazine. The purpose of the initiative (which will be presented the 25th February at the Scuola Europa, Viale Majno 39, Milan) is to spend a moment thinking about the collection and recycling of steel packaging in Italian primary schools. The event will be attended by Federico Fusari, Director General of Ricrea, Barbara Schiaffino, Director of Andersen magazine, Patrizia Pasqualini, Coordinator of Didactic and Educational Activities at Scuola Europa and Andrea Valente, one of the most-loved contemporary children’s authors.