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Organization The CONAI model is based on the principle of “shared responsibility” which assumes the cooperation of all participants involved in waste management: from companies, which produce / make and use packaging materials, to the Public Administration, which make the regulations for waste management, and finally to the citizens, who through the daily act of separating their waste start an ethical cycle for the environment. The CONAI System is based on the activities of six consortia that represent materials that are used in the production of packaging: steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass. Each consortium must, for each material, coordinate, organize and increase: the take back of packaging waste (mainly from separated waste collection),  the recycling and recovery processes. The ongoing environmental contribution made by the members provide the resources for CONAI’S activities. Facts & Figures Population: 60.8 Million (2013) No. of local authorities: 8,057 (2014) Packaging placed on the market: 11.297 Million tonnes (2013) Tonnage recovered: 8.753 Million tonnes (2013) Actual situation: 77.5% recovery overall (2013) 67.6% recycled (2012) Members/Turnover: 1,090,053 members / 319 Million € (2013) Types of packaging managed: all packaging (primary, secondary and tertiary) Financing The CONAI system is self-financing through the application of the “CONAI Environmental Contribution”. The Contribution is levied upon the so-called “first transfer”, which takes place when the finished packaging, even temporarily and for whatever reason, is transferred from the last producer to the first user within the national boundaries. CONAI pays the contributions received to the Material Consortia which mainly use these funds to pay Municipalities the “compensation fee”, as stipulated by the ANCI-CONAI Agreement, for the take back of packaging waste from separated waste collection. The subjects required to pay the Contribution are those who first place the finished packaging on the national market. Packaging produced for export is on the other hand exempted from the payment of the Environmental Contribution. CONAI, National Packaging Consortium, is a private consortium of firms working towards the recovery and recycling of packaging issued for consumption on national territory, with the aim of meeting statutory targets. CONAI guarantees target achievement at the lowest economic cost of all the European consortia, working as a market subsidiary. CONAI Environmental Contribution 2014: Aluminium: 45.00 Euro/ton Glass: 17.82 Euro/ton Paper: 4.00 Euro/ton Plastic: 140.00 Euro/ton Steel: 26.00 Euro/ton Wood: 8.00 Euro/ton Legal basis Decrees: Legislative Decree of February 5, 1997, no. 22: Waste Management Legislative Decree of April 3, 2006, no. 152 Environmental law Chief Targets: 

2002 min  2002 max 2008 min 2008 max
RECOVERY 45% 65 60%
RECYCLING 25% 45% 55% 80%
RECYCLING BY MATERIAL Aluminium Glass Paper Plastic Steel Wood 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 50% 60% 60% 26% 50% 35%

Recycling performance – 2013 recycling-performance Recovery perfomance – 2013 recovery-performance-2013