Press campaign

The Conai TV campaign “Something born of something else” was accompanied until last year by a daily press campaign, divided into core business areas of companies within the Consortium and opinion leaders, and was created so as to demonstrate the utility of the Conai system as regards consultancy and support for firms involved in the sustainable management of used packaging materials. The campaign was scheduled to appear in the economics sections of the leading Italian newspapers, e-magazines and on the iPad. The objective of the press campaign, entitled “Twins”, was connected to the consolidation of the external perception of the Conai mission, which aims to guarantee the collection and recycling of used packaging materials nationally. Beyond highlighting CONAI as a partner to firms within the field, it also created awareness of the committment that Conai has towards these same stakeholders. The campaign underlined the concept of “partnership”, re-interpreting this from a business perspective with the idea of “the alter ego” or “one’s twin”. CONAI was personified as a twin alongside managers and business owners, offering the reassurance that only 15 years of consultancy and management can guarantee, as they confront the themes of recycling and management of used packaging materials.