Photo exhibition

Lending new life to old packaging materials was the starting point for the photographic exhibition entitled “Something born of something elseby Chris Broadbent – a photographer specialised in still-life scenes and whom was sponsered by CONAI. The exhibit was created to mark the “Meeting in Rimini” event, under the category “Meeting (H)Earth”, dedicated to the environment.

Underpinning the photographic project was the goal of informing citizens about the concept of giving new life to packaging waste materials and to express, through imagery, the benefits in terms of environmental sustainability of an efficient rubbish collection and recycling system.

The photos took visitors on an artistic tour of awareness, showing the diverse types of packaging both before and after the act of recycling; both in the shape of the original packaging and in the new, recycled, products. Thus was aluminium transformed into a coffee-maker, steel into frying pans, waste paper became gift cards and a series of bottles were recycled and restructured, decked out in a covering made from repurposed plastic, showing that “something is born of something else”.

Through a play on light and colours, Chris Broadbent tells a photographical tale of the collection and recycling of steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass. By ennobling everyday materials and making them genuine designer pieces, he underlines the importance of recycling both for the community and the wider environment.

Chris Broadbent’s perspective confers an artistic dignity upon simple objects, employing the ancient art of the still life to spectacular effect.