National event

CONAI has historically organised a “street event”, which for numerous years has aimed to bring differentiated refuse collection “out into the open” with the aim of educating and creating awareness of the importance of differentiated recycling as a positive gesture and boon to the environment. The initiative, named “Raccolta 10+” (A+ recycling) represents a new and unusual way to involve the local community in a unique and important event. Over the various years tens of thousands of people have taken part as well as members of the local administration and companies. Based on the principle of “shared responsibility”, CONAI aimed to impart to citizens a fundamental and simple message, namely that the basis of quality recycling is efficient differentiation: the fewer incorrect or unusable materials that are put into the recycling bins, the greater are the quantities that can be recycled. In the most recent event, Conai linked the theme of “A+ recycling” to the Giro d’Italia cycling race, of which it was official sponsor. In over 40 locations, it displayed the Ten Commandments of Differentiated Recycling, the Portable Recycling Centre to show how to differentiate the different waste types and also a fun game called simply Re-Cycling which gave prizes to those who recycled the best.