Events organised with RCS

Corriere Innovazione

CONAI sponsored the new editorial initiative of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, which aims to bring together local communities through creativity and innovation and which is dedicated to all that is new and under development in Italy today.

An initiative which brings together enterprise, training organisations, creatives, associations, manufacturing, tourism and culture. Corriere Innovazione is a new format that, starting from its online beginnings, has developed into a series of events and a bi-monthly magazine. Beyond publishing articles in the new magazine, CONAI has helped to create the spaces in Milan and Bergamo where the meetings and get-togethers will take place.

Its role is primarily to be a spokesperson for the projects and initiatives currently underway in the world of eco-design for packaging materials.

The Settegreen Awards

This year CONAI will again sponsor the Settegreen Awards event, organised by the Corriere della Sera newspaper. The event aims to reward eco-sustainable ideas and projects and “green excellence”.

For CONAI this is a hugely important occasion to offer visibility to environmental stewardship especially those surrounding the world of packaging materials, in which its Consortium members have played a leading role. The categories in which organisations, citizens and companies who have worked towards environmental sustainability in these areas during 2014 may compete, are: Sustainable living, Apps, smart-cities, culture, Food and Packaging.

Entries are open until November 10 2014 at

The prizegiving ceremony will be held on December 2 at the Milan Triennale building.