Campaigns and events

The awareness of the importance of separating, recovering and recycling waste is fundamental for everyone to effectively manage waste.
This is why CONAI has always spread the word: through informational campaigns, in schools, universities, companies and institutions.

For citizens – the first and fundamental players in the virtuous cycle of collecting, recovering and recycling packaging waste – CONAI has created an environmental information campaign with a national impact: the televised campaign “Conai. Something new from something old” transmitted over the last few years, and then an awareness creating event called “Collect 10+”, which involves many citizens every year in city squares and meeting places. For the occasion, to help citizens correctly separate their domestic waste, CONAI promotes and distributes the Decalogue of Separated Waste Collection Quality, 10 simple rules for separating well, and therefore also recycling packaging waste properly.

In 2015, some of the most important initiatives at EXPO 2015 included: CONAI will be an official supporter of Expo Milan 2015, participating in the Circular Economy Programme. For the entire six months of the event, in addition to implementing recycling through the Consortium Chain members of the packaging waste produced at the EXPO site, CONAI will also create informational materials for visitors about quality waste separation, and will install an environmental counter to monitor and communicate benefits for the environment and economy derived from the recover and recycling of packaging waste.