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01 March 2021

As proposed by Biorepack, the Italian National Consortium for the organic recycling of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging, the CONAI Board of Directors has determined an ad-hoc environmental contribution for all bioplastic packaging. The contribution will be reduced to EUR 294/tonne and will enter into force from 1 July 2021.

26 October 2020

At the request of the Ricrea, Corepla and Coreve consortia, CONAI has decided to increase the Environmental Contribution for steel, plastic and glass packaging, used to finance the collection and recovery of packaging waste, primarily from municipal waste collection.

31 July 2020

The Board of Directors of CONAI elected as President Luca Ruini for the three years term 2020-2022. Ruini is the Director of Security, Environment & Energy at the Barilla Group. The Vice-presidents of the Consortium are Angelo Tortorelli and Domenico Rinaldini.

11 March 2020

After assessing the requests of the Comieco and Coreve supply chain consortia, the CONAI Board of Directors approved the increase in the Environmental Contribution for paper and glass packaging.

30 July 2019

In Italy, in 2018, 80.6% of packaging waste was recovered: 10.691 million tons of the total 13.267 million rput on the market. Of these, the part started to recycle reaches 70%.

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13 September 2018

From 1 January 2019, the Environmental Contribution will be reduced to € 3.00/ton for steel packaging and more than halved for aluminium packaging (€ 15.00/ton). There will also be further benefits for the reuse of wooden pallets.

18 December 2017

The CONAI Board of Directors, with the opinion of the CIAL, decided to reduce the Environmental Contribution for aluminum packaging: from the current 45.00 Euro/ton to 35.00 Euro/ton. The reduction will be operational by 1st of June.

09 June 2017

The Board of Directors of CONAI (National Packaging Consortium) appointed Giorgio Quagliuolo President for the three-year, for the period 2017-2019.

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23 May 2017

During the Public Assembly for the 20 years of CONAI presented the 2nd edition of the Sustainability Report, which showed with numerical evidence the central role of the Consortium in the Italian circular economy.

With the recycling of packaging waste, the opening of 130 landfills was avoided and the emission of over 40 million tonnes of CO2.

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