Membership and general terms

To register with CONAI, you need to fill out and send the Membership Application Form with the receipt of your fee payment attached.

When joining, you must indicate the category of your company – Producer or User – based on its main business activity.

Membership to CONAI requires payment of a set fee of 5.16 Euros, to which a variable amount is added if the company’s total revenue for the financial year prior to joining was under 500,000.00 Euros. The CONAI membership fee is only paid once and can then be adjusted at the Consortium Member’s discretion.

For further information, please refer to the [Download not found] and the instructions on filling out the form.

Administrative and taxation issues

In terms of taxation, by joining CONAI you are purchasing shares in the Consortium: the fee paid by Consortium Members when they join, as well as any subsequent adjustments, serve as an exceptional contribution and are therefore included as part of the assets on the Consortium Member’s balance sheet, under the account “Shares in other companies”, Sec. BIII, heading 1, letter d, Article 2424 of the Italian Civil Code.

The CONAI membership fee is not subject to VAT.

Obligations and rights of Consortium Members

Consortium Members are obliged to comply with the Statute, the Regulations and any resolutions from the Consortium bodies, which are binding for all Consortium Members.

All Consortium Members have the right to take part in the CONAI Assembly and are entitled to a certain number of votes depending on the amount of fees paid.

New companies or the launch of new business relating to packaging

New companies or any companies that launch a new business activity involving the production or use of packaging must join CONAI one month from the date this business activity began, taking their first received or issued invoice as the reference date.

The same procedure can be used by any companies which are obliged to join CONAI due to a business activity they have already launched.

Membership to Industry Consortiums and alternatives

In addition to registering with CONAI under the Producers category, Producers must register with one or more Industry Consortiums for their materials produced and the individual consortium statutes. Users may also voluntarily join the Industry Consortiums since the Membership Application gives them the opportunity to register. The company states which Consortiums it would like to join on the CONAI membership form. Legislative Decree No 152/06, Article 221, paragraph 3 (a) and (c), lays down the obligations for Producers who wish to handle the environmental management of packaging and packaging waste independently. In particular, these Producers may: • independently or collectively organise the management of their own packaging waste all across Italy; • or certify under their own responsibility that a return system has been put in place for their own packaging through appropriate documentation proving the self-sufficiency of the system […].

For further information please see Guide to CONAI membership and EPR fee application