Special cases

For the purpose of simplifying the procedures of its consortium members, and also in order to adapt to the specific demands of the sector, CONAI has developed some special procedures for the declaration, application and/or exemption of the Environmental Contribution for special areas, as well as for determining packaging items or packaging flows, listed as follows:

  • Primary packaging for medical devices (Exemption if used in public and private healthcare facilities).
  • Primary packaging of pharmaceutical products (Exemption for destination or consumption in public or private health facilities or disposed of through the circuit ASSINDE).
  • Flat rate for the CONAI Contribution on labels (Simplified Environmental Contribution declaration procedure).
  • Flat rate for the CONAI Contribution on cork packaging (Simplified Environmental Contribution declaration procedure).
  • Aluminium foil(Exemption for packaged rolls of aluminium foil, intended exclusively for domestic use).
  • Disposable plastic kitchenware (cups and plates) Exemption for purchase of disposable plastic kitchenware in packages exclusively for domestic use).
  • Adhesive tape and rubber coated paper (Application of the Environmental Contribution on 50% of the weight of the adhesive tape).
  • Various types of refillable and non-refillable gas receptacles
  • Valves for aerosol tanks and dispensers
  • Mechanical dispensers
  • Multi-use tanks, plastic drums or regenerated steel drums re-issued into consumption in the national territory (Simplified procedure – flat rate contribution on number of pieces)
  • Transferred packaging without transfer of property in special circuits
  • Reusable packaging used in a productive cycle or commercial network
  • Reusable packaging used in special circuits (Facilitated formulas)
  • Wooden pallets re-issued into consumption and new pallets produced according to structures that can be reused for several years(Facilitated formulas)
  • Rolls, tubes, cylinders on which flexible material is rolled
  • Emptiable capsules for beverage dispensing systems
  • Simplified procedure for the application of the CONAI Environmental Contribution for companies that handle items classified as packaging and non-packaging, like flower pots, clothes hangers, caps for beverage dispensing systems, lace cake liners, etc., cited examples outlined in Annex E of Legislative Decree 152/2006
  • Net exporters (Facilitated formulas).

In fact, simplification is a permanent task for the development of more effective criteria that can be applied on a case by case basis, preventing involuntary penalisations, or distortions and evasions within a system that is under constant transformation. It proceeds thanks to continuous confrontation with companies and associations that it represents, which through their own management experiences become the direct expression of the most effective operative criteria. For this reason it is important that companies contribute to the development of procedures by providing economic-statistical analyses representing markets of reference, periodically updated and redrafted based on concrete experience. For further information about this topic, refer to chapter 8 “special cases”.

For further information please see Guide to CONAI membership and EPR fee application.