Contribution diversification for paper

Contribution diversification for paper and cardboard packaging 

Starting from 1 January 2018, CONAI introduced the CONAI Diversified Environmental Contribution (CAC) for plastic packaging with the aim of encouraging the use of the most recyclable types and using the Contribution lever as a tool to promote the reduction of its environmental impact. In the past, some facilitations had already been introduced for reusable packaging in controlled and particularly virtuous circuits from the environmental point of view.

In July 2018, the CONAI Board of Directors considered it appropriate to take a step forward – with a view to continuous improvement – and thus approved a Contribution diversification project for paper and cardboard packaging dedicated in the first instance to polylaminated packaging with a prevalence of carton suitable for containing liquids, for which industrial processes have been introduced in paper mills since a number of years now for greater value creation in terms of recycling.

In particular, this refers to primary packaging mainly in paper, coupled with plastic and possibly aluminium material. This item includes, by way of example, so-called beverage cartons (for milk, fruit juices, etc.) and the same types of packaging for other foodstuffs (sauces, purées, legumes, etc.). Packaging items for catering (plates, cups, containers with their lids) are, on the other hand, excluded.

In particular, the Diversified Contribution for these types of packaging is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the value-creation process by consolidating and developing collection and sorting activities in order to obtain a homogeneous flow of waste to be sent to a dedicated recycling phase.

From the activities carried out by paper mills in fact, it emerges that the best results in terms of recycling are obtained when the polylaminated packaging with a prevalence of carton suitable for containing liquids is disposed of by citizens in the light multi-material separate collection and then sorted at dedicated plants.

The diversification project is therefore oriented towards the development of collection and remuneration of investments for sorting and recycling activities, through the application of an additional Contribution (Extra CAC) on the specific type of packaging identified. It is therefore based on criteria different from those adopted for plastic, albeit with similar aims and tools (the Contribution lever).

A dedicated Working Group of CONAI directors, belonging to the category of both packaging users as well as producers, was therefore set up for the necessary exploratory activities that led to the definition of the Extra CAC equal to € 20/ton.
In particular, compared to an environmental contribution for paper packaging of € 20/ton, from 1 January 2019 the Extra CAC will also be applied on the polylaminated packaging with a prevalence of carton suitable for containing liquids of € 20/ton, for a total of € 40/ton.

The summary is reported in the “Summary Document”: PAPER_Diversified_CAC_summary_document
Process that has also been validated by DNV GL. The validation report (Rapporto_validazione_Contributo_Carta) is available in the Download documents, publications and notes section.
COMIECO Consortium has undertaken to report on the results, after at least one year of experimentation and to provide – on request – specific information on such results

Innovations in 2019 CAC declaration

As a result of this diversification, the following CAC declarations will be updated: Form 6.1 Empty Paper and Cardboard Packaging, Form 62. Import of filled packaging (= packaged goods) in ordinary procedure, Form 6.6 Ex-post refund, Form 6.5 Ex-ante exemption and Form 6.10 Import/export offsetting.

Nothing changes for the simplified declaration procedures for the import of packaged goods.

All the operating details will be included in the 2019 CONAI Guide.

During the first three months of 2019, any incorrect allocation in the declaration of packaging subject to diversification will not have any effect, without prejudice to the CAC due for each type of packaging.

For any clarification, please fill in the online form on the CONAI website in the “Contact us” section, selecting “Diversified Contribution” from the list of topics or contact the Toll-free Number 800337799.