The waste decreases, creating new materials

28 March 2014

More than 8.66 million tons of products recovered in 2013 The objective? Reducing the impact of packaging on the environment In the motto “More recovery, less landfill” Conai – National Packaging Consortium – has summarised the guidelines for prevention, recovery and recycling which drive and coordinate the activities of six major material consortiums: steel (Ricrea), aluminium (Cial), paper/cardboard (Comieco), wood (Rilegno), plastic (Corepla) and glass (Coreve). (…) The challenge taken on does not involve only the operational aspect; the constant commitment to scientific and technological research has resulted in the Consortium’s inauguration of a partnership with a highly regarded institution like Cnr, for developing innovative projects together and promoting cultural awareness of environmental sustainability. “The skills of Conai in the packaging sector and the National Research Council in the scientific field will together give way to a virtuous partnership, in perfect symbiosis with the values and mission of the Consortium,” stated Roberto De Santis, the President of Conai. “The declared objective is to optimise the use of packaging materials and to significantly reduce their impact on the environment.” With an investment of 800,000 Euros, over the next three years the Consortium and Cnr are committed to activating cutting edge recovery processes and new materials, to guarantee a significant decrease in the quantities of waste sent to the landfill, along the axes of two important projects designed to make the most of the residual components left over from packaging waste selection procedures, increasing the quantities of materials sent to recycling at the same time. Source: Seven