The framework agreement will continue until 2019. “It improves collection and results in more money for the Municipalities”

14 April 2016

Better quality of separated waste collection, an increase in resources for Municipalities and support for initiatives to build awareness about recycling: aimed at reinforcement of efficiency, efficacy, economy and transparency in the management of separate waste management, the new agreement reached between Anci and Conai for the next five year period. After one year of negotiations, the National Association of Italian Municipalities and the national packaging Consortium, constituted of one million companies that manufacture and use packaging, have defined an agreement for the undersigning of a framework program Agreement which will regulate the payment amounts to be issued to member Municipalities for the “greater costs” of separate packaging waste collection. Conai operates on behalf of its consortium companies, which according to current regulations are responsible for recovery and recycling, transferring the collected waste collected by the Municipalities to recycling companies and sustaining the costs for transport; it also pays Municipalities for the extra costs of waste separation. (…) The agreement also reinforces support to local administrations, increasing the commitment of Conai for quality developmental initiatives and the quantity of separated waste collection. “We have made precise financial commitments to support the Municipalities of the Center and South of Italy for the development of separated packaging waste collection,” explains De Santis. Source: Corriere Economia