Recycling of packaging is growing. 76.7% collected

18 April 2014

Collection of used packaging waste has arrived at 76.7% and continues to grow. But the data illustrated yesterday in Milan by outgoing President Roberto De Santis at the Conai assembly for the renewal of the board of directors offer a wider view. For example, in 2013 the use of new packaging for marketed products began to drop dramatically: this sector is an excellent predictor of economic cycles (…) Innovation and investments are some of the tools identified by De Santis for reaching the “European objectives for 2020”, stated the president. It is not by chance that Conai signed an agreement for environmental research with Cnr. According to the preliminary count for 2013, Conai managed to collect 76.7% of used packaging to recycle 66.5% of it. Packaging in the market is aligned with 2012, with 11.4 million tons. Management of packaging waste according to the Conai and Anci partnership, the Association of Italian Municipalities is growing, especially in plastics (+10.9% in respect to 2012), and appears to finally be taking off in southern Italy. Plastic is perhaps the most complex and expensive material to recycle, as confirmed by the President of the Corepla chain, Giorgio Quagliuolo, who signed an innovative agreement in Ferrara with local institutions, businesses and universities which will result in a recycling facility. (…) Source: Sole 24 Ore