Plastic’s journey ends in thousands of granules

16 April 2014

Practically five islands, with a total surface area of 16 million square kilometres. In the oceans and in our own Mediterranean. It is a sea of plastic, now at the Maxxi Museum in Rome in the form of a provocative work by Maria Cristina Finucci. Then, in Montello, a few kilometres from Bergamo, at the recycling factory that has been in operations for twenty years, entering you realise how much has been done and is still being done to prevent plastic bottles, jugs and any other packaging types from becoming waste in the sea. Especially if separated waste collection works: this is the first fundamental step. “Prevention, innovation, quality,” repeats Walter Facciotto, the Director of Conai, the consortium of packaging waste recovery companies, including aluminium, steel, paper, wood, as well as plastic. Three words, almost a mantra, for a winning formula. From 1998 to the present, the Conai system has witnessed growth in packaging waste recycling and recovery from 33.2% to 76.7%. (…) Source: Corriere Innovazione