Expra - Conai - Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi


CONAI is a member of EXPRA, the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance.

Founded in 2013, EXPRA is a European reference organisation which represents non-profit systems for managing packaging and packaging waste set up by obliged companies and founded on the principle of “extended producer responsibility”.

EXPRA now has 19 members, within and outside European Countries, using Producer Responsibility as an economic tool to ensure that packaging is collected, recycled and recovered.

The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance provides representation at political institutions and social, technical and economic organisations in Europe for the various interests of its members working in packaging recovery and recycling services.

EXPRA’s main objectives are to promote extended producer responsibility for packaging waste within the EU, to promote a sustainable and effective system governed by companies and to exchange best practices.

According to the latest estimates, in Europe in 2013, 79.2% of all packaging placed on the market had been recovered and over 65.3% had been recycled (79.6 million tons put on the market). Italy is fully in line with European performances, proving that it is possible to launch a virtuous circle running “from cradle to cradle”.

Having accepted the challenge and duties of extended responsibility, the packaging industry has managed to turn them into an incentive for innovation and efficiency, with obvious benefits for the environment.