Food wrapping

Big Paper Italia s.r.l.  / Food wrapping / 2013
Solid foods
The solution prior to the intervention consisted of a paper-HDPE composite sheet where the food was placed, a sheet in HDPE to protect the food and a paper sack enclosing it all. This was replaced by Big Paper with only one 100% recycled paper component and film in Mater-Bi. This intervention reduced the overall weight by 62% and produced positive effects from a logistics standpoint, also thanks to the introduction of side flaps that make it possible to use the entire surface area.

Prevention cornerstones

Raw material saving
Use of recycled material
Logistics optimization
Packing system simplification
Facilitation of recycling activities


The intervention features optimisation of packaging functions and a subsequent reduction in the materials used. The lesser reduction in water consumption is due to the less than proportional reduction in the paper bulk used in the new packaging solution.
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Source: Conai Eco Tool