Cooking mould for baked goods

Novacart S.p.A.  / Cooking mould for baked goods / 2013
Container ideas
Novacart has created an innovative package intended for sweet baked goods and foods not yet placed on the market. This mould is used for cooking and freezing baked goods and is intended to become a packaging solution. The food cardboard cooking mould, available in different shapes and sizes, becomes a packaging solution thanks to the transparent PET lid that sits on the top part of the container and closes it. The transparent lid means the product can be seen. Hooks on the front and back enable the lid to be opened and closed multiple times for different uses. The container consists of corrugated food cardboard, internally lined with a thin layer of plastic film. The two elements, the cooking mould/cardboard container and the plastic lid, which are individually stackable, can at the end of life be separated and sorted for waste disposal. Ready to be displayed and sold, the container ensures the product is visually presented. It can be customised with specific stamps, information, ingredients, recipes and company logos. Novacart employs an Environmental Management System certified to UNI EN ISO 14001 standards.