Bordolese Ecovà bottle

Verallia Saint Gobain Vetri S.p.A.  / Bordolese Ecovà bottle / 2013
Liquid foods
Ecovà is the line of products by Verallia Saint Gobain Vetri Spa designed and created with the same technical and aesthetic features as the traditional line, but with reduced environmental impact. In particular, the Bordolese 750 ml bottle was reduced in weight by 10%, and it also has a greater percentage of recycled material in respect to the previous version (from 80% to 85%). The savings in raw material involved the entire range, with reductions in weight from 10% to 20%. The Saint Gobain facilities have been certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 since 2001.

Prevention cornerstones

Raw material saving
Use of recycled material


The reduction in the bulk of the bottle and the use of recycled material generated improvement in all of the environmental parameters under consideration. In particular, the increased use of glass from recycled sources permits lower processing temperatures when compared to virgin materials.
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Source: Conai Eco Tool