5-litre water bottle

PET Engineering S.r.l.  / 5-litre water bottle / 2013
Container ideas
PET Engineering Srl, which works in designing and industrialising PET containers, has designed a water bottle with a capacity of 5 litres for domestic use that uses a reduced amount of raw materials than an existing solution. This solution reduces the weight of the bottle by combining the design of the preform and the bottle, enabling the material to be optimally distributed at the container’s structural points, preventing over-stretched areas. The grooves enable high mechanical performance while making the bottle rigid, avoiding implosion during pouring. What’s more, studying the preform and its optimisation enables the use of 25% or 50% of recycled PET depending on the client’s requirements. The dimensions of the bottle have been researched to be optimised for both Europallet and Half Europallet.