10A S3605D S3605G plug adaptors

BTicino Spa  / 10A S3605D S3605G plug adaptors / 2012
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The previous packaging for the BTicino plug adapters consisted of a PVC blister pack with a paper insert. This has now been substituted with a new package of multilayer cardboard and a LDPE film. This innovation has allowed the package weight to be reduced by around 50% and, consequently, entails a similar reduction in raw materials. Furthermore, the new system enables 75% more packages to be squeezed into a standard pallet for transport than before. BTicino’s Environmental Management System is certified to UNI EN ISO 14001 standards.

Prevention cornerstones

Raw material saving
Logistics optimization
Packing system simplification


These changes have had a positive impact all the way down the supply chain. Water consumption reduction is lower than the other two indicators owing to the greater amount of paper used.
0% |
25% | 50% | 75% | 100% |

Source: Conai Eco Tool